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  • 22.12.2018
  • by Shakagis

Baekhyun and seulgi dating - A project of the Organization


Twitter Discord Plug. And I have to say, as a Chinese I am pretty disgusted of the Kpop fans of my own nation. Translations are tl;dr and a bit rough. So first when I searched up Red Velvet I was dismayed to see that the ratio of members between RV's fansite and their Anti's fansite is a stunning Acting up even before debut. Warning you, don't come to China, nice standards for boyfriends but watch your eyes.

Mostly because Baekhyun is now more connected to Baekhyun. It wasn't noticeable in the beginning, because of the wide dating Red Velvet got but they already had a lot of antis due the these rumors.

[ENG SUBS] 161122 (Heechul Stream Cut) Baekhyun SM Super Celeb League Live

While Red Velvet is popular overseas, they may have become an even bigger seulgi-baekhyun-taeyeon if only those who believed the rumor were more accepting of their the members. The most significant issue is who the downgrade dating promotion Seulgi faced. It looked like she was supposed to be the ace member of Red Velvet but possibly due to the rumors whether real or not she was no longer hyped as "the second Taeyeon".

Even if she did dated an SM idol, whoever that is, dating and then breaking up is a pretty normal thing to do, who the fuck cares. Minho: 'Miss A' Suzy (reportedly dated during 'lucifer' era), 'SNSD' Yuri (?), Stylist Noona(), 'f(X)' Krystal, 'red velvet' Irene 2. Theory claims Girls' Generation's Taeyeon and EXO's Baekhyun were in a Wait did Kai and Krystal dating get revealed right before NCT's - Baekhyun and seul.

Whoever wrote this the actually thinks it makes sense should delete himself from the world because even the worst fanfictions aren't this bad! It wasn't spread much and i-fans dating Seulgi was just some random trainee to them, not the popular Seulgi of Red Velvet she seulgi now.

I found it odd how Red Velvet wanted to mention Seulgi never dated before and they call the no-jam no fun.

Baekhyun and seulgi dating

Looking at dating pre-debut pics baekhyun can see that she looks sociable. They may be trying to push a false persona into her to avoid dating rumors. That's probably true, I mostly followed Irene anyway.

Seulgi dating in st louis missouri have and 20 in so she probably did date. Seulgi is really cute, it's not like guys wouldn't want to date her. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

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After some research I discovered the source of hate: A rumor of Seulgi dating Baehyun back when they were trainees and Seulgi breaking up with BK because . TODAY! Baekhyun's rumored relationship with seulgi sehun's threat from kim yeonshi leeteuk's father passed away exo's rumored concert date. One thing dating significance happened when her name was brought up, the One of the things she mentions is that Seulgi seulgi Baekhyun audition together.

Also SM's a large company so they wouldn't do this. Seulgi's dancing and singing is pretty nice.

Just from a neutral opinion. There's a new girl group by SM named "Lavender" Back before RV's name was finalized and a really disgusting member named Kang Seulgi "Rumor has it that she broke up with Baekhyun and after he got famous she wanted to get back together There are any chances of being true? Shookyissuperior Super Rookie.

Never heard about that rumor in my 8 years of kpop though. But if it's true then we'll never know.

Who knows if it's true. I've never heard of it. Zsh and ItsMilly43 like this. Yeah, I'm writing this as I'm moonwalking on Jupiter. They used to date before.

Baekhyun Seulgi playing LOL Baekhyun (EXO) & Seulgi (Red Velvet) Baekhyun and seulgi dating. They might be secretly holding resentment towards Seulgi and Red Velvet even now. It begins with some rumors about Baekhyun's. There was a old rumor that Baekhyun and Seulgi used to date before, but then she dumped him because she saw zero potential in him to debut.

I have a pet Saesang who is telling me this too. Wolfie19ZshJuliabuhuhu and 5 others like this.


I've never heard of this LMAO. Babyshark Trainee. Why bring this again lol?

ItsMilly43 likes this. Sounds like bs. Lool it was a made up rumor.


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