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  • 27.12.2018
  • by Meztizragore

The evolution and devolution of Brittana on "Glee" - AfterEllen

Glee - Brittany Tells Santana She Knows She Lied About Having A Girlfriend 4x13

So there is this crazy show where high school students randomly break into choreographed song and dance. They sing studio-perfect numbers accompanied by outrageous set pieces snow, rainstorms, entire chorus lines of tuxedoed backup dancers. They say sassy things and silly things and sometimes even sweet things. And, until recently, they had a little something for everyone — the outcasts, the jocks, the gays, the lesbians, the bisexuals, the misanthropic. But with the evolution and current devolution of Brittana happening before our eyes, I have to wonder: What is in Glee for gay women anymore? Fans of the Brittany S.

How did Brittany and Santana get to this point?

In , Brittany and Santana reunite at McKinley and begin to rekindle their romance. But Brittany was dating Sam and told Santana she wasn't gonna break up. When Santana finally confronts Brittany about their relationship, they end up confessing their love to one another, but don't end up dating because Brittany.

She is just with her because Puck is in juvie. But Artie breaks up with Brittany after Santana tells him she was just using him. Shue also mentions that Brittany pantsed Santana once after a Cheerios win. But they both leave with Puck, leaving Artie with the bill. First, creator Ryan Murphy confirmed that Santana and Brittany were indeed sleeping together.

Then he said he would never show them kissing because it was primetime TV.

Then he said they were filming a kiss. On Monday in an interview with the German pressMurphy confirmed that there is only one gay member in Glee Club. His translated quote: [Hat tip for the translation, Kara! Glee is a show about a show choir. The Glee club has 13 members and only one of them is gay. So if it were up to me, it would be even gayer. Oh dear. They were progressing at a slow, but understandable pace.

So this new Brittany and Artie relationship is confusing, at best. And how did Brittany go from just a ditzy blonde to an infantilized woman-child?

I mean, we expect her to say dumb things. Glee seems to be giving us women as hypersexualized beasts Santanavirginal queens Quinnsimple children Brittany and bossy narcissists Rachel. At the end of the number, Brittany takes Santana's hand and leads her down and dances with her with the rest of New Directions. Santana does body shots off of Brittany's abs. Also, after the group's performance of Blame it On the Alcohol Santana seems perfectly fine.

Santana starts crying becasue she is a "weepy, emotional drunk" and has been drinking bloody mary's to alleviate her hangover. Brittany comforts her. When Brittany kisses Sam during a game of spin the bottle, Santana's reaction can be seen as jealousy, though it could be for Sam, whom was her boyfriend at the time.

Santana asks Brittany if she wants to watch some Sweet Valley High and "get their cuddle on," though Brittany declines because she mistakenly believes she is pregnant. Later, Brittany and Santana talk in Santana's bedroom. Santana ties up Brittany's hair, applies lip gloss and fixes her bed covers, insinuating that they had previously just been intimate.

Brittany is confused about their relationship and says they should talk to an adult. They seek help to Holly Holliday, who asks if either of them thinks they're a lesbian.

Brittany says she doesn't know, but Santana admits to being attracted to both girls and guys. Then Holly suggests they sing about it. They sing Landslide by Fleetwood Mac, with Holly on lead vocals and guitar. Through the entire song Brittany and Santana are looking at each other, and Santana looks like she's going to cry, which she does at the end. Brittany then asks Santana, "Is that really how you feel?

Their moment is quickly interrupted by one Rachel Berry commending them on their performance's "Sapphic charm" causing Santana to snap back claiming no one can label her for singing a song with Brittany. I just want you. Please say you love me back.

Brittany and santana dating

She tells Santana that if she and Artie were to ever break up, and she's lucky enough that Santana is still single, she'd be all hers and proudly so. Later on, when Brittany, Santana, and Artie are at a Celibacy Club meeting, Santana just watches sadly as Brittany and Artie share smiles at the mention of love.

Brittany confronts Santana at their lockers, asking if she did something wrong and saying that she misses Santana and how close they were. Santana tells Brittany that since Brittany "blew her off", it is Brittany's loss and instead, she'll be writing a heterosexual song for Sam. After a pause, Brittany is still looking at Santana to which Santana says, "Can you stop staring at me? I can't remember my locker combo.

“Sectionals”: Brittany lets slip that Santana and her are sleeping together when Santana says, “Sex is not dating,” and then Brittany responds. At that time Brittany was dating Artie Abrams, and turned Santana down. Brittany breaks up with Artie in episode 19 of season two and asks. Santana Lopez is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee. At Sue's behest, Santana and Brittany go on a date with Finn, who is now the glee club co-captain. Santana takes his virginity, though Finn immediately.

When getting up in front of the Glee club and saying that she wrote a song for Sam, Trouty Mouth. The song title says it all, Santana finds a way to make offensive big mouth jokes sexy. Santana makes plans to become Prom Queen so that Brittany will dump Artie and be with her. She stares longingly at Brittany several times throughout the episode.

When Karofsky and Santana announce their "love" for each other in front of the Glee Club, Brittany looks upset and dumbfounded. Later on, Brittany prints out a "Lebanese" T-shirt, which was supposed to read "Lesbian" for Santana. Brittany tells Santana that she was proud of her for expressing her love for Brittany before. Santana then rejects the t-shirt, making Brittany upset. When Brittany asks why Santana is hiding her true feelings when she's "the most awesomest girl at the school", Santana mentions that she is dating Karofsky now, which Brittany finds "gross".

Santana tells Brittany that she does not have control over who she dates anymore because Santana admitted to loving Brittany, but Brittany did not say that she loved Santana back. Brittany responds with "I do love you. Clearly you don't love you as much as I do or you'd put this shirt on and you would dance with me.

When Santana does not show up for the Born This Way performance, Sam says "she's probably making out with Karofsky", which upsets Brittany. During the performance, Santana watches in the audience, wearing the Lebanese t-shirt.

Brittany calls out Santana in her internet talk-show Fondue For Two, stating that she "plays for the other team", an expression typically used to mean that someone is gay.

The next day, The Muckraker writes about a "Prom Queen candidate who spends most of her time in the closet", which everyone recognizes as Santana. She confronts Brittany, who says that what she meant is that she used to be on the Cheerios, to which Santana retorts that she could have put it differently. Meanwhile, Artie begins to have doubts about nature of Brittany's relationship with Santana and demands the truth from his girlfriend, quickly accusing Santana of manipulating her.

Brittany denies this saying, "No, everybody think she's a bad person but she's not," resulting in Artie asking Brittany, "God, Brittany, why are you so stupid?

brittana bed scene and proposal

Later, Santana leads her to the music room "to express her feelings for [Brittany] in private", referring to Brad as "furniture", and following the week's assignment, sings Songbird, being very emotional through the whole song. Brittany then asks Santana if it would make it easier for her if she "came out" first and invites her to be her guest on "Fondue For Two", where Brittany would ask her to the prom, support her campaign for the prom queen and all that Santana needs to do is to say yes.

Santana accepts, but an hour before the show she texts Brittany simply saying "I can't. Brittany and Santana go with Kurt, Tina, and Lauren to pick out prom dresses, and Brittany smiles at Santana when she comes out with her dress on. When Santana loses Prom Queen, Brittany follows a devastated Santana to an empty room to comfort her, where Santana expresses her fear that people didn't vote for her because they have figured out she is a lesbian, and laments that she didn't get to have just one night to be Prom Queen when she is going to be an outsider for the rest of her life.

Brittany cheers her up by telling her that she should just be herself and that Brittany voted for her and believes in her.

They share a moment and then Brittany encourages Santana to go back out and support Kurt. When Brittany was singing My Cup, Santana was the only one smiling and giggling while she was singing. Both Brittany and Santana are seen by the bathroom when only Santana wants to repencil her eyebrows. Santana and Quinn get into a small argument while Brittany stands by, shockedwhich turns into Quinn asking why they, the three popular girls, don't have someone to love them.

During this, Santana and Brittany exchange a few guilty looks. Brittany and Santana then try to comfort Quinn; Santana says "I think I know how to make you feel better.

Brittany and Santana talk by their lockers when they get back from Nationals.

Santana asks Brittany why she isn't mad that they didn't win. Brittany says that for her, the year was about acceptance.

To Brittany, Glee Club is like family that accepts you for who you are. They may all fight, but they all love each other.


When Santana asks Brittany about the future of their relationship, Brittany says: "I love you, Santana. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone else in this world. All I know about you and I is that because of that, I think anything is possible. Brittany replies "yeah me too", though Santana still looks dejected. They link pinkies as Santana asks, "When did you get so smart?

It is not yet known what will be happening between Santana and Brittany in the first two episodes of season 3. In the promo for the first episode, Jacob asked Brittany a question and Brittany and Santana were walking with their arms linked.


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