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  • 30.12.2018
  • by Togal

The Misadventures Of Super Librarian: Stephanie Plum, Ho Bag

Stephanie Plum's Ranger and the Merry Men

So after eleven years and sixteen previous Stephanie Plum novels, this is the first novel I deliberately chose not to spend my money on. I read 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 from my local library in a matter of days and at that stage, 6 had just been published. And waited the long, agonizing year between books. And for the next six or seven years, they were well worth it. But somewhere around 11 or 12, they suddenly…. Yes, Stephanie has attracted yet another psycho — and her immediate suspicion is Nick Alpha, brother of Jimmy Alpha whom Stephanie shot back when these books used to be funny and contain credible villains.

I know from experience there is only one bed in the apartment and, although it is technically plenty big enough for both of us, I tend not to be able to keep my hands to myself and I migrate over to his side of the bed when I sleep.

And with the unsettled feelings I have been having lately, that sort of migration would be a bad idea. It would be fun for the moment but, until I get my feet back under me, my desire for self-preservation says solo sleeping is the best alternative.

Ranger came out of the closet dressed in his Rangeman uniform — black fatigues, black t-shirt, black hoody, and a gun at his side.

Ranger always dresses all in black. It makes it easier to dress in the morning. Everything matches.

And a few for Sales, of course. Built like his name suggests, he is 6'6" with enough muscle to make him as intimidating as hell. He talks even less than Ranger, if that is even possible. It's only a couple of low-value bonds, but they will still be good to tidy up. And there are a couple of new files that Connie wants me to pick up. I have some time at four o'clock today to train you. He took the tray from her, thanked her, and closed the door behind her.

You killed him in self-defense. It was not your fault. You did what you had to do. I will meet you at your desk at five to four and we will go down to the shooting range then.

Which sounds like I'm ready to break-up with this series doesn't it? . 2) Stephanie Plum - love triangle broke it for me, I liked Ranger being elusive be resolved because the author wants to keep both fanbases on the hook. Tempers and temperatures rise as competition ratchets up between the two men in.. Plus stephanie plumand ranger hook up I liked having both Diesel and. Fugitive Apprehension Agent Stephanie Plum has a big problem on her h fallout it's up to Ranger to come to Stephanie's aid when she needs him the most.

I did some deep breathing and struggled not to cry. There was nothing I wanted to do less than go and shoot a gun again. You have to be comfortable shooting a gun, both skill-wise as well as psychologically. I will meet you at your desk just before four o'clock. Which brings me to another point.

You know the rules about Rangeman.

You need to wear your gun at all times. The last three weeks you have not been wearing it. With the amount your purse holds it might take you an hour to find it. It would take me some time to find it. Morelli used to say I carried everything except the kitchen sink and, one year for my birthday, he bought me a Barbie-sized kitchen sink to put in my purse. I still have it there. While I might not be able to find my gun in time, all the crap in my purse would make it a sufficient weight to hit someone with.

I thought that was a much better self-defense plan. Do you have your holster in your purse as well? I considered saying 'no', but I knew Ranger would just get me another from the storeroom. I stood up to get another cup of coffee and Ranger snagged me about the waist and sat me down on his lap. But you have to get back in the saddle. You cannot continue second guessing yourself. I think I might have moaned and I was seriously reconsidering my decision to sleep solo.

Ranger pulled back. What are you going to put on before you leave the apartment today? He went in the bathroom and finished up while I put on my holster and gun and then, smiling a half-smile when he saw me wearing it, walked with me out of the apartment down to the fifth floor. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Books Janet Evanovich.

One for the Money ( Stephanie Plum #1) by Janet Evanovich Audiobook Full

Stephanie Plum is back again, this time dealing with the emotional aftermath of the events in Trigger Happy 23 posted on this site. With her life feeling like it is spinning out of control, she deals with a deranged job applicant, an unhappy mother, stress-eating binges and a repentant Morelli. Join her as she makes what could be her most important decision ever.

I ate already. More recently, however, I started working part time for Rangeman.

Stephanie Plum

I keep reliving shooting Brodie", I said in disgust. Bad things happen when I have a gun in my hand. I would say that makes it my fault. Use it.

Ranger is Stephanie's fellow bounty hunter and tutor and of him often coming to her aid or rescue, she has built up quite a tab with him.

Ranger's lips twitched at the petulant tone to my voice. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. So either Connie and Lula were hallucinating or else Ranger was in the room. But Joe ended up taking her a cupcake, so I felt bad for Ranger. Stephanie Plum is a bail bonds enforcement agent think Dog the Bounty.

Feb Stephanie Plum, former lingerie saleswoman, is now employed by her cousin Vinnie as a bond enforcer AKA bounty hunter. Stephanie and the two men in her life--Ranger and Morelli?

One for the Money: Stephanie's all grown up and out on her own, living five. At least she has Morelli and Ranger to keep her safe, or use her as. I have loved Stephanie Plum and her misadventures for well over a decade, but I am. Stephanie Plum faces her toughest case yet in Tricky Twenty-Two, the. We had a great night.

An acrostic story with Ranger and Stephanie becoming an established relationship. JE owns Stephanie's eyebrow shot up with that confession. So many His only enticement was one Stephanie Michelle Plum, his Babe. Threatening Twenty-Four – A Stephanie Plum Inspired Novel. Chapter One. I ran into Ranger coming up from the gym. "Couldn't sleep again. Preceded by, Seven Up. Followed by, Visions of Sugar Plums, To the Nines. Hard Eight is the eighth novel by Janet Evanovich featuring the bounty hunter Stephanie Plum. Stephanie's mentor, Ranger Manoso, explains to her that Abruzzi is an avid wargamer, and tends to frame everything in quasi-military terms.

Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum is smart, tough, and given to romantic. From the back of the audio case: Stephanie Plum, America's favorite bounty. Mysterious men have a way of showing up in Stephanie Plum's apartment. Ranger's disgustingly infinite wealth, wisdom, and generosity. The new mystery always hooks me in, and I can't wait to find out. Milo: "A lot of people say they wanna see Peter and Claire hook up, but, I mean, they actually.

Stephanie Plum, America's favorite bounty hunter, returns to the streets of Trenton. If he succumbed to Stephanie and ended up asking her to marry him, it would take. But I do believe in second chances, and I've really enjoyed J.

I may quibble with her style or more than quibble! I think I'll give it a pass. When the next book comes out I think: do I really want to read it or can I live without it? If I can live without it I just pass.

Of course sometimes I pass and then kick myself afterwards. I gave up on this series around 13 I think. I'm such a Morelli girl it was driving me crazy watching her bounce back and forth. By the sounds of it I'd be throwing this one against the wall.

I think Evanovitch painted herself in a corner with the triangle and now neither side can be happy. Should she choose my guy, it would always be in the back of my mind that she banged Ranger, thus cheating on Joe, thus making me unable to forgive her. It makes mer very sad but this series is dead to me now. Both in the same book? Can't handle that. And the fact she doesn't own it seals the done deal.

Ho bag. The last several were ho-hum for me, but I thought U was pretty dang enjoyable. First one I really liked since Joy: Another author who is really good at it is Tess Gerritsen. She allows her characters to grow without rewriting history.

That was the thing about the Cornwell series that drove me nuts. The characters morphed into pod people. I like listening to that genre, and it's a way for me to "keep up.

Diane: The BDB thing totally passed me by. I read the second book and did see why some readers loved them - but for me? The dialogue drove me bonkers. Tracy: I'm really good at picking and choosing within romance series.

I'll read book one, skip book two if I'm not interested, and pick up book three. But mystery series? I'm rather militant about reading in order.

Kristie: This one would have driven you insane. The more I think about it, the more I find I'm annoyed with Stephanie for not "owning" her behavior. Sure, go ahead and screw both guys - but don't pass the buck off on Grandma Bella. For me, it was the funny. Books 3 through to about 7 had me in stitches but after that, she lost the funny part.

If I think back to my first 'break-up' it was Julie Garwood. I made it through 2 of her contemporary books before realizing I couldn't follow her anymore. I now think it's funny that I would say 'I would read the author's grocery list! Turns out, I wouldn't. I have only gotten mad at 2 authors - Suzanne Brockmann and J. It was my own issues whether the overall story arc was killing me OR, and I think this is the real reason, characters that were once interesting were made into mush.

That said, I do feel like I could go back now as long as I knew not to get attached to a particular character. Getting burned a few times is not worth it!. Yeah, not so much. Still, it's filling a "brain candy" niche for me - so I'm keeping on.

OMG - "mush" to describe characters. I may have to steal that one I was utterly taken aback when Stephanie hopped in Rangers Bed and felt no shame. It was so out of character that I question which Evanovich is actually writing these things anymore - it would certainly explain some of the last few craptastic offerings. I think this may have been the one that jumped the shark, but I'll admit to losing focus back around 9.

I've only done audibooks with this series too : In this book I felt like JE's humor was definitely stronger than in the last few books. I was very happy with that! But yeah, I hear ya about the bed hopping. Considering Steph only slept with Ranger one time MANY books ago, to have her sleep with him several times in a short book felt very out of character.

Having said that, I still enjoyed the book and laughed a couple of times Btw, IIRC I believe she slept with one guy and then the other the next day - in answer to one of the comments above. As for when to call it quits on a series, I find that I have a very low tolerance for paranormal series. I definitely prefer a paranormal series that has a finite number of books. Most recently was the Fever series by KMM where I read the final book and was very satisfied with the ending.

As much as I enjoyed the series, what the hell! I want closure. As for these light and breezy reads and cozy mysteries I find I'll read them as long as the author keeps writing.

When do stephanie plum and ranger hook up - Rich man looking for older woman & younger woman. I'm laid back and get along with everyone. Looking for an. After re reading the Plum series for an Amazon discussion group. .. i really want Steph and Ranger to end up together but you can tell its not. So after eleven years and sixteen previous Stephanie Plum novels, this is the Although Vinnie's father-in-law is stumping up the cash to rebuild the put the eye on Stephanie which makes her sleep with Joe and Ranger on.

I read one of Stephanie Plum's early ones when it was still all the hype and it just didn't grab me. PKthebookeemonster had it right, once she was no longer contemporary, it got dull. Dana Stabenow's Kate Shugak - well, I might not have actually broken up with her. I might just be waiting for a few more books to be published. Actually, that's the worst. Books come out so slowly lately. I've completely lost interest in Jamie and Claire in Diana Gabaldon's books now.

Hmm, never read this series but for me mostly the point that I start thinking about whether I really want to continue reading a series is when it goes HC.

I very, very rarely ever shell out the money for HC, so that makes my wait for the next installment in a series longer. But when the point comes where the series goes HC and the books are either not worth that price to me or the last books were just meh, then I will quit the series. I quit BDB because it really didn't work for me anymore after Phury's book and I quit the Darkhunter series a few books after Acheron's - it was the same story which I can live with but suddenly there were so many new secondary characters introduced and the world building got confusing and the quality wasn't the same anymore IMO that I decided to quit.

So, it is mostly that the books lose their appeal over time and then get 1 too expensive and I forget about them while waiting for the MMP or 2 they lose the something that kept me hooked in the first place which usually happens over a few books.

I tried to quit, because around about book 9 or 10 I got bored, but I just can't break the habit. Plus, she's been taking poor Joe home for dinner since very early on - surely that's commitment of some sort!

Best series at the moment for me is Kate Atkinson's Jackson Brody books. I LOVE them with a huge big love, and I'm gutted that she says she's not writing any more at the moment. I like the books but I just wish that JE would make Steph's character refect her intelligence in her job and her personal relationships.

Just own up to it already and admit to Morelli that she doesn't want to become her mother. As far as Ranger if she wants more than he can give, move on. I still don't see why she has to choose and can't just have some fun while she's figuring it out. If things don't get better in 18 I think I'm done. What does it for me to leave a series is the inconsistencies in the story lines. Patricia Cornwell lost me because of this. I'm just on book 6, so not sure when I will quit. That really bothered me.

And I no longer read Iris Johanson because I was only reading the Eve books, and after the whole Bonnie thing was resolved I no longer had an interest in her. Just looking for someone new to read now. Any ideas would be great :. The TV series lost me after one year, mostly because I felt they changed too much of the source material. But I'm still in love with those books!

Stephanie plum and ranger hook up

Judgmental, much? Stephanie has never really committed to either man. That means she's free to do what she wants, and that includes sleeping with who she wants, when she wants. She doesn't owe Joe or Ranger or even you any explanations. I don't care if she sleeps with them alternate nights or even hours. She's an adult. She can do that if she wants. As long as she and her partners practice safe sex, I couldn't care less.

As for why she's in this spot, Stephanie is confused, because Evanovich is confused. Evanovich's mistake is that she started out with Morelli definitely being the one she intended to have Stephanie be with. Ranger was supposed to be Stephanie's bad ass sidekick, a very common staple in the mystery genre. Badass sidekicks have some specific characteristics that good authors have to use to keep them firmly in place as the badass sidekick.

He's the protatongist's enforcer who's scary at how brutal and efficient he is, almost more machine than human. Which is not someone readers can really warm up to. That's what Ranger was supposed to be, the mostly loyal sociopath who could do the dirty work that Stephanie couldn't do physically or morally, much like Hawk in the Spenser series, Bugowski in the Gennaro series, or Joe Pike in the Elvis Cole series.

When authors create these guys, they're supposed to make sure that you, the reader, are uncomfortable with the idea of getting too close to him.

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