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We were hanging out at my house and he was in the kitchen getting a drink. I wanted to know if you wanna come with us? He nods. Just not yet Zach. I stay silent just taking it in but I see his face get red and he removes his hands from me. Zach grabs my hand with one hand and places it over his heart, with the other he rests it over my heart. I nod, not wanting to speak and ruin the moment.

You bumped the door closed with your hip and called out to your boyfriend. You drop the bag softy onto the kitchen bench and walk around into the small bedroom hallway. You can hear music faintly starting, and worried but curious about interrupting something, you peek past a wall to meet a shirtless Zach. A shirtless Zach dancing in front of a mirror, the flash of his phone on and his white sweat pants hanging dangerously low on his waist, causing a smirk to appear on your face.

Needless to say, not a disappointing sight. Goosebumps arising on his body as your smaller cold hands make their way up, hearing his breath hitch slightly. Before the moment could get too heated, you decide to have a little fun with him. You watch as Zach drops his phone into his pocket, lowering his pants even more causing you to strain your eyes away and run behind one of the beds before you get too lost in his very minimal attire.

A white pillows suddenly flies across the room and makes contact with the curtains behind you. You shoot back up from crouching with furrowed brows and let out an exaggerated gasp. Zach huffed a wide smile before crawling over the bed in front of him, running around to embrace you in a warm bear hug and pulled you down onto the bed, giggling into your shoulder and rolling over on top of you.

Thank you for reading! Requests are always welcome. Let us know if you enjoyed.

Until next time, stay mean, green, fighting beans. Feel free to send in requests. Hope you like this one! Just Zach being a cute little bean. Walking out of school, you checked your phone for what felt like the millionth time today. No new messages. Sighing, you put it into your back pocket and made your way to your car, getting in and driving home.

You had a mountain of homework that needed to be done but all your brain seemed to focus on was the fact that your boyfriend went M. You were getting worried and called again but this time your call went straight to voice mail.

Fed up with the situation you flung your phone across the room and tried to focus your attention on the task in front of you. But chemistry was the last thing on your mind. You were just finishing your last assignment of the week when your phone buzzed from your bed, illuminating your dark room. Practically jumping out of the chair and onto your mattress you reached for your phone, opening the message. You quickly read through it and your heart sunk. He always told you when something was bothering him so this confused you.

Why Dont We

You made a pit stop at Chipotle and Walmart, knowing your boyfriend would be easier to handle with a full belly. You parked your car in the driveaway, the spot next to you empty, confirming what Zach had told you and made your way to the door, opening it with the key the guys had given you.

The house was silent expect for some music coming from the living room. You quietly followed the sound and stopped at the door, seeing your boyfriend on the floor, his back against the couch with a guitar in his lap. He was just strumming the guitar and you took the opportunity to really look at him. He was wearing a simple white tee with some sweatpants, his hear down and looking soft as ever.

You noticed the way his mouth was turned downwards slightly and the bags under his eyes, showing how tired he was. It certainly had taken a toll on them but them being the stubborn children they were, refused to admit that.

He had such an effect on you and you wondered if he knew what he was doing to you. He must have sensed someone staring at him because next thing you knew he was looking at you with surprised eyes. I came here for cuddles.

You inhaled his sweet scent and kissed his chest, feeling him relax a bit. The two of you spent the next hour or so just eating and talking about random stuff but you could tell that something was still bothering him. You tried to get it out of him but he just waved you off.

The sight in front of you broke your heart: the adorable smile had left his face and the sparkle in his eyes seemed to have dimmed. The only way to describe it was tired. You quickly took matters into your own hands, getting up from the floor and pulling Zach with you.

Your eyes scanned the living room and settled on the things you needed. You marched over to the other side of the room and picked up all the pillows and blankets you could find. He was looking at you the whole time with curious eyes but it seemed as if he saw where you were going with this. Please baby, you need to take care of yourself. He took your hand in his, intertwining them and kissed the back of it. Your other hand went up to his hear, knowing that it calmed him when you played with it while humming some melody.

Your humming soon turned into singing and when you glanced at Zach again you saw he was falling asleep. Not a second later he opened his eyes a little and whispered with a small smile. Originally posted by barrysflarrow. I pulled the car into the Herron residence, and Reese bolted to my side. Jack had been friends with Zach for a while. It was only inevitable that the two boys with amazing voices got together with other friends that could also sing to make a band.

Keep reading. Gina sighed, pulling it back off of me. Gina was still by my side which i was grateful. Gina repeated my actions and i watched with a smile as i handed Jonah my gift. Daniel helped my stand up, and i could feel the blood running down my leg. Daniel helped me walk upstairs to one of the bathrooms, sitting me down on the toilet.

Daniel managed to pull him off of Roger, who was being grabbed by Jonah. Here is my Zach imagine! Hope you guys enjoy it. You had been friends with Zach for about 2 years now. Soon after meeting him you started getting feelings for him. Sometimes he would do things that made you think he might feel the same but then that thought would vanish just as fast.

The only problem was that you had accidently told Jonah of your crush. After a long day at the beach, you along with the five boys went back to the house for dinner. Everyone was super tired and not in the mood to go out so Jack and Daniel went to go order take out for everyone. That left you, Zach, Jonah and Corbyn alone in the kitchen.

You and Corbyn were talking about when Christina was visiting him next. You could tell he was hopelessly in love with her. Jonah and Zach stood next to you, listening in on the conversation.

You thought you saw Jonah shoot Zach a couple of looks and Zach looking away embarrassed. But you brushed it off and carried on talking to Corbyn. A few moments later Jack and Daniel came back saying the pizza will be here in a few minutes. You decided to go ahead and wait in the living room. After a few minutes you all decide to play a normal game of truth or dare. You all sit down in a circle while Jonah went to get a bottle. You decide to go round in the order you were sitting.

Daniel, Jack, Corbyn, you, Zach and then Jonah. It started off fairly simple. Daniel had to try and eat a whole watermelon in 10 minutes, Jack had to tell you about the worst date he had ever been on and Corbyn had to call Christina and tell her he cheated as a joke.

And before you knew it, it was your turn. Jonah was the one who had to ask you and you dreaded what he had planned. The room fell into a deafening silence.

After a few moments Jonah motioned to the rest of the boys to leave, meaning you and Zach were alone. You stood up and ran out to where you though the boys would be. Zach looked after you, silently thanking Jonah for one of the best things that has ever happened to him. Warnings: This is just pure fluff, I litertly smiled all the way through writing this. Hearing someone talking out in the backyard, you made your way towards the sound, seeing Jonah talking to his phone.

Propping the phone right back where it was before, Jonah reassured you that the camera was off your face, and now in front of him. Hesitant, you peaked through your two fingers, making Jonah laugh.


You ignored him, reading the comments that where spamming the chat. They ship us. You where to busy reading the comments, and talking to his fans, not noticing Jonah debating on either or not to tell you his true feelings.

He raised a brow, intrigued. Jonah, what do they mean, real feeling? Negative thoughts filled your brain, your eyes wide waiting for Jonah to explain. He paused for a second, trying to gather his thoughts, how he was going to tell you all the feeling he had been bottling up for years.

You kept your gaze with his, forgetting all about the YouNow what was playing in the background, not caring what the comments where spamming of. He brought his hand to the back of your neck, pulling you closer, if possible.

Disconnecting your lips, you both breathless. Smiling, you placed two fingers on his chin, forcing him to look at you. I tried with this one not sure if I like it tho! Let me know if you wanna see my pics! Originally posted by grethanloves. The rain pounded against my bedroom window.

The room was dark and the blankets on my bed remained a mess. The house was pretty quiet, for once. The guys had all went out for dinner but I stayed in for the night. I figured she was just at work or maybe was having fun with her friends. Did someone hurt you? The words filled my mind but I felt myself not able to say them.

I love you so much Zach. Is there anything I can do?

Fanfic Problems

Why the fuck was I acting like this? I could feel my heartbreaking, why was I acting like a dick? I would never say this shit to her ever, she was my girl through thick and thin.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead with the collar of my sweatshirt, trying to calm my uneasy state. Anxiously slipping out of my room, I quietly walked down the stairs, the sounds of voices becoming louder and louder.

The baby is awake! He flew into the edge of our kitchen table, knocking a glass off the top. The colored glass fell to the floor with a crash and shards of glass scattered across the linoleum floor. Dude what the hell!? As I distanced myself from the accident that just happened, I heard the soft conversation from the boys and my girlfriend.

Single taken mentally dating zach herron

He seems like he needs someone. Do you wanna talk about it? I love you more than anything. I love you so so much and you know that. I felt beyond relieved by her comment and it was nice to know that those bad dreams were nightmares that would never become reality.

You and your boyfriend of two years, Zach, lay intertwined on the couch. His smell, his warmth, the facial expressions he makes while watching shows. You could lay there for the rest of your life and be perfectly happy.

Maybe you get on my nerves. You pretend to punch him and he pretends to be in pain, causing you both to laugh even more. I never want to be with anyone else. Zach was sitting on the couch with the boys in the living room of their flat in LA. It was almost 2am, he had his favourite guitar on his lap, scattered papers covering the floor and the couch.

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Zach has finished writing another line, the boys agreeing and was about to try it out with some tunes, but let out a long yawn. He shook his head slightly and run a hand over his face before getting up and walking to the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee, to keep him awake for some more time. All of them nodded, while he walked over to the kitchen. He switched on small lights that were placed underneath the cupboards, so that he can comfortably manoeuvre around the kitchen, without stubbing his little toe.

He took out one of his favourite mugs, that you got him for your first anniversary, and quietly placed it on the hard counter. Then he took the right capsule and popped it into the coffee machine. As he waited for the drink to be made, he lifted up his arms above his head and stretched.

He slightly bended to the sides and then moved around his shoulder blades until he heard a not so pleasant sound, but that little pop from his spine made him feel much, much better. The noises coming out of the machine made him close his eyes and take a deep breath, hold it in and then exhale. Then a strong smell of coffee filled up the room, immediately making Zach feel more awake.

Please, take a break and get some rest. His hand was now resting on her hip and she wrapped her arms around his waist, sleepily resting her head against his broad chest.

He stopped in front of the living room holding the coffee for the boys. They all mumbled a small greeting to you as you gave them a small sleepy smile in return. They instantly grabbed the coffee.

You start walking forward slightly closing your eyes. You stand by the bathroom thinking it was your bedroom as your sleepy state made it hard for you to think. And she told me not to call her again. Being in LA is your choice. You chose to come here and you chose to stay here. Your mom needs to understand that. If your mom loves you, then she needs to understand that LA is where you need and want to be.

You leaned into him, tears falling as he wrapped his arm around you. Zach looked at you, turned around and walked out the door. Your heart broke. Every muscle in him was tense. So stop! Just stop! Leave me alone! You look pathetic. You turned and watched him leave. The four others had gathered at the doorway. Love your writing! He ran a hand through the hair that only he was allowed to touch as his eyes widened in annoyance at your response. You were probably the biggest baby you knew and got scared at the smallest things, so you were well aware that tonight was not going to be very fun with you.

But I mean, not that you would know anything about that. Okay, I was not expecting that. You let out a giggle before pulling your brother into a side hug, ruffling his hair as he groaned in annoyance.

Night had fallen, the indigo skyline leaving you nothing to help illuminate the park surrounding you. The small array of stars were somewhere behind the haze of the city that was stretched thinly above as the moonlight bleached the world dimly.

The multicolored lights strung above you barely helped as you scanned the area, fear evident on your face as you wondered what lurked in the shadows. Your boyfriend pulled you closer to him by draping his arms around your shoulders, standing behind you as you continued to walk hesitantly. It should be a good night, probably gonna get a lot of scares in.

You buried your face into his chest as you all walked into a haunted house, Zach leading the group. You guys continued to walk through the attraction, the fear level being very mild. You passed through a room that looked like a laboratory, the cement floor cracked with random blood spatters sprayed haphazardly.

Actors dressed up in outfits that resembled the Dread Doctors from Teen Wolf, sinister looking masks latched onto their faces as they stood in the shadows at at least 7 feet tall. An actor was laid out on one of the many rusty medical tables, makeup and prosthetics manipulating your eyes into believing his stomach was ripped open as he begged for you to help him, a pleading look in his eyes. Your brain almost convinced you to believe him for a second, but you continued to remind yourself that they were only actors.

You turned towards the boys, an excited smile beaming on your face, making Zach smile despite his own sweaty palms and rapidly beating heart. His face was painted sloppily with white face paint, blood spilling out of its mouth as your eyes widened in terror. Your fight or flight responses kicked in and you immediately took off to nowhere in particular as the clown chased after you, screaming and laughing evilly.

You glared at the boys angrily as they came up to you, kneeling over in laughter. He wrapped his arms around you, his laughter dwindling down slightly as he pressed a kiss to your forehead and whispered reassuring words into your ear, knowing how easily scared you got.

I was not a fan of thunderstorms and they all knew. I hate scary movies. I turned to look at Jonah as he focused on driving. All my friends behind us were either having a conversation with someone or they were sleeping. I enjoyed going on trips with my friends because it go quiet fast, since most of them usually passed out within the first 5 minutes. But in this case, it was only Jack that was sleeping. Corbyn was engaged in a conversation with Christina while Zach was talking to Daniel about guitars.

Weird, but I love them all so much. Especially Zach. He had a special place in my heart and I had no idea how he did it. I thought back to the day I met the boys. I walked out in time to get bumped into, my hot coffee spilling all over the front of my shirt.

I am so sorry. He opened the back door and looked around. But if you end up being a creep, I will not hesitate to kick your ass. The ride back to his house was beautiful but when we pulled up outside his house, I was awestruck. It reminded me of my room. Corbyn searched through his dresser and sighed after he finished going through the bottom one.

Try this on. I quickly put it on and smile. It was a bit larger than I had anticipated but it looked good on me. You can keep it. It looks better on you than it ever did on me.

I climbed out of the van and looked around. Jonah was unloading stuff from the back of the van so I went to help him. I looked down at the shirt I had on and smiled. I slowly made my way over to her. It looked incredible and sometimes I wondered how a beauty guru could know so much about outdoorsy stuff. I went around the campground and helped everyone with what they needed and sat on top of the picnic table that was in the middle.

One by one, the rest of them joined me. Our fun was ruined in seconds, however, when rain started slowly falling. Hours passed and the rain was slowly letting up. I looked outside and saw a little bit of sun still peaking through the clouds. Christina sat on his back and smiled. The rest of the night was spent in the large tent, as we all joked around and played games. Halfway through the night, I woke up and sat up straight. I heard leaves rattling from outside the tent and I saw a shadow.

Fearing for my life, I grabbed for Zach, who was supposed to be sleeping next to me, but his sleeping bag was empty. I heard more leaves crunching and footsteps approaching the tent so I quickly retreated back into the tent, grabbing the bottle next to me and prepared myself for the worst. Seconds later, he poked his head in to see if I was the one who was making all the noise. A quiet sigh of relief left my lips as I crawled out of the tent slowly.

You know how I feel about sleeping in tents near lots of trees. I really had to pee and the bathroom is too far for me to walk by myself. So I went behind the bush over there. Under the moonlight, I saw a whole different side of Zach. One that was clearly only shown when the stars were bright. My thoughts were interrupted as a loud crack of thunder sounded above us. He sat against the window in the back seat and I sat in the middle seat.

The next morning, I went to turn onto my side, only to feel trapped in a cuddling position. I opened one eye and saw Zach was holding me in the back seat of the van. I closed my eyes and continued listening to their conversation. Seconds later, the trunk was opened and a little more sunlight poured into the small space. I told you they were somewhere hooking up. I reluctantly got up and Zach stayed still for a second.

I gotta finish waking up first. I shook my head and went to grab the blanket. It took me a minute but I think I finally understood what he was trying to say. Tags: ijustreallylovethem samithepixie averysgarl jackaverybabe jonahmaraismakesmyday lovableherron beautybesson jackaverx scenteddanielseavey beccagraceseavey dolantwinmagconwhydontwestan lilah-or-lily dailydoseofherron whydontwejust taylorslittleangel wdwdramaqueen brizzebesson ramenavery elovesseavey.

He sat back down holding back his laugh. Summary: Living with your boyfriend and his 4 bandmates could be hell on earth at times, but there was nowhere else you would rather be. After a while, you finally decided to get out of the vehicle and walk towards your house. You pushed the door open to see 5 boys wreaking havoc on your home, freezing as they saw you.

You ran a frustrated hand through your hair. You shook your head and placed your hand on his chest, looking up at his face, which now that you examined closely, had war paint spread across it. After about 15 minutes of tossing and turning, the noise keeping you up, the sound finally died down. Just to be flung open again as a sudden and ear-piercing crash came from downstairs.

His shirt drenched in water, you rolled your eyes and made your way down the stairs. You turned to face them, leaving them silent. You finished cleaning up the mess, soaking up the excess water with a paper towel. I think we need it. The boys finally had a free day after travelling back and forth and filming the music video for their newest song. So when Daniel announced that the editor finished, you rushed downstairs to watch it, excited to see how it had turned out.

You had met the boys back in December while walking through the streets of Los Angeles. You had lived there your whole life yet you never got bored of the city. You were too lost in your thoughts to watch where you were going. Only when you heard a scream followed by some mumbling did you look up. Cursing yourself for being so clumsy, you looked up, your eyes widening and cheeks turning red.

Next to him stood four older boys and you could tell they were trying their hardest not to laugh. You zoned out once again, staring at the group. How can they be so cute?

On my white shirt might I add. That seemed to shake you out of your trance. Who did he think he was? A small giggle escaped your mouth as well. That just seemed to anger the boy in front of you more, resulting in him glaring at you.

If looks could kill, you would have been 20 feet under the ground by now. The guy with the curls looked at you. The guys all laughed at your bluntness, well expect the grumpy head who was still shooting daggers your way. You never would have guessed that your clumsiness could work out in your favour but here you were 8 months later.

You hung out with them every day and they even brought you on tour with them. Except Zach. Stupid, right? You were sitting in the kitchen reading when all the boys walked in with a laptop, ready to show you the video. To say you were excited would be an understatement. You were crapping your pants. The editor did such a great job and you guys just look fabulous. The fans are gonna love it! Did he just call you cute? No, you probably heard wrong.

You turned to him trying to form a sentence that would make sense and not sound like you just lost a few brain cells. The other guys looked at each other, deciding to leave you and Zach alone to talk about whatever happened only a few seconds prior. You just kept looking at Zach, your heart beating like crazy. Your blushing cheeks and discomfort made Zach smile a bit. The kiss was short and sweet but it still made you feel all warm, sending your heart into overdrive.

With your eyes still closed you felt Zach leaning his forehead against yours. He smiled the most beautiful smile you had ever seen and wrapped his arms around you, hugging you tightly and shouting at the boys that yes, you liked him back.

You heard the familiar knock at your window and you rushed out of the bathroom in your robe to go answer it. Is she good?

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He took you into his room and pulled the covers back with one hand, gently placing you down and pulling them over you. He admired you for a few seconds before kissing your forehead.

He walked down the stairs to get some water with a smile on his face as the boys all sat around the kitchen island. You stare at your muddied reflection in your car door mirror, everything going a little too fast for your liking. Your pulse is racing while your heart beats against your chest with vigor. Your nerves float away and you feel your face light up with giddy demeanor as you hear your name being called in a deep hum. You could recognize that voice from anywhere.

And you still smell like burnt coffee. Why did you come? You sway on the balls of your feet, your car keys pressing against you palm comfortably.

You shift on your feet a little unsteadily. How have you been doing, anyway? Jonah cracks a toothy grin as you continue. Did you drop your career as a singer and move onto being a coffee barista? You continue to follow Jonah through the front foyer of the house until he reaches the back, which seems to be humming with noise. Jonah shrugs. So I could eat all of the food without being judged.

The two of you share a laugh before Jonah opens the back door, swamping you in a beating thrum of ear pounding music and voices from all around you. Your gaze flits toward the noise and your heart immediately melts as Zach comes running from across the yard, red solo cup in hand as he pushes through the tight crowd.

He calls your name again and Jonah nudges you, raising a single eyebrow as he mouths, I told you so. Your arms wrap around his back and he tightens his grip on you, as if you were merely a hologram.

He smells of fresh rain and ripples on a glassy lake surface beyond burning campfires and hominess. You recognize it as your favorite cologne Zach owns. Zach holds you for a few more precious seconds before letting go reluctantly. His hand lingers on your arm, his cheeks rosy and eyes alight with content. Zach drapes an arm around you and you move your gaze to the night sky again, aware of your reddening cheeks.

You lean your head against his shoulder and watch the array of stars above you that web together in patterns, blinking in white hued light. Your relationship with Zach had been simple and straightforward until the two of you took the strands of your tightly knitten friendship and twisted it up a notch. You were inseparable since the first grade. Your mom allowed you to move to Los Angeles with him, and maybe that was when it had started.

It was then that an opportunity arose for you to take, an offer to finish your high school years in New York, and then finish at NYU. You took it, and although you missed Zach and the boys like crazy, it worked. But Zach never understood. They swim with glassy emotion, a single memory dripping down his cheek. He wraps both arms around you, and the two of you sit, under a path of written stars.

I love you. You bounced your legs up and down in your seat as you waited to get off the plane, your legs moving quickly the second you were able to. You tried so hard not to start running, excitement running through your veins as you got closer and closer to seeing Zach. You found Jack standing in the airport, and he waved enthusiastically once his eyes met yours, and at that moment you began running, pulling him into a tight hug once you saw him. During the final song, you rushed backstage again, the moment you had been anticipating finally about to arrive.

You ran into the dressing room and hid behind the door, trying to quiet your breathing. The boys shuffled into the room, still high on adrenaline as they joked together, not even knowing you were there. Is this real? Tags: lilah-or-lily justlovingjack whydontwefanficsrec superseavey dailydoseofherron itslikeatimelapsebaby averythingzachherron crobynbesson thatshiscigar.

Written by: Jayde - itrytobesocial. Every bone in your body ached as you ran even further from your home. The rain drenched your clothes yet your throat still craved water.

Your breathing was becoming more and more irregular; the further you ran, the less breath you would have. No one does! Your parents never gave you that feeling. Your body was becoming weaker by the minute. With the house in your eye sight, you dragged your body closer towards it.

Your feet ached and your body shivered from the cold. You forced yourself to take those few extra steps to comfort. You finally reached the door. Taking the deepest breath you could manage, you bring your fist up to the door and faintly knock with the rest of your energy. Your vision began to blur, and the last thing you saw was a curly haired boy opening the door and screaming your name. Hands traced the creases of your palm. It was the first thing you felt before your eyes fluttered open.

There sat Zach, his eyes fixated on your hand, which was gently placed in his. His hair was messy, his eyes puffy and his nose sniffled. You lay on the bed next to him, your body wrapped in one of his shirts and a pair of his sweatpants. His head snapped up at the sound of your voice. A small smile crawled upon his face as he shuffled his delicate body closer towards yours. A small gasp left his lips. He stood up, moved your body over being extremely precious with itand laid down next to you.

You deserve all of the love in the world. Daniel Seavey was something different. He could be the sexiest person on earth one second and then the most adorable man the next. Daniel and you were getting ready for the party that was happening at the boys house tonight. Eben went out with Jonah to get drinks. While Corbyn was getting the music together.

Zach and Jack went out for snacks. Daniel came out of his closet holding two different outfits. You were in his bathroom. Getting ready to change when he called you back into his room. He kept shaking his hands waiting for your answer. You walked up to him. Turning your head to the side. Looking between the outifits. I like it better on you. You took off your shirt and pants to change into your dress. It was a spaghetti strapped black dress.

It made your curves look great. Not to mention your butt and boobs looked great in it. You let your hair down. The waves falling over your shoulders. The make up was minimal just mascara and some eyes liner. Your lips were a dark purple red. Loving how you looked you left the bathroom. Walking in on Daniel looking at himself in the mirror.

His shirt was unbuttoned on the top. Showing his gorgeously tanned chest.

His hands were put in his pockets. Shrugging at his outfit choice. You stared. Flustered by how hot your boyfriend really was. Raising an eyebrow. Daniel turned around. Looking over your body a few times. Before landing on your face. Putting his arm out ; wiggling his fingers to signal for you to come to him. Your faces were inching closer to eachother. I would love to meet her.

Looking at him under your eyelashes. He rolled his eye. Playing along with your joke. Hitting his broad chest He chuckled at your reaction. His adams apple bobbing. You moved your head to his ear. Daniel smiled. Showing his gap.

It made your heart melt. How could he look so hot on the outside and then see how sweet and goffy he was on the inside. He cupped your face. Bringing it to his lips. Placing his on yours. You moved in sync. Pulling at his lower lip. Before entering your tounge. You fought for dominacebut Daniel won. You enjoyed your beautiful boyfriend kiss you senseless. He moved his lips from yours.

Kissing all the way down your neck. Coming back to give you one last kiss on your lips. Moving his fingers through his hair. You puffed up your waves. Getting as much volume as you could. He grabbed your hand. Leading you down stairs to the party that was alreay in full swing.

The party was full of sweaty teens. Dressed up in sexy outfits. Corbyn was doing music. You waved. He looked up wavng back. You could see Jonah talking to a group of girls that were laughing at whatever he said seconds prior. He found your eyes. Giving you a wink before going back to trying to get as many girls numbers as he can.

Daniel brought you into the kitchen for drinks. From there you could see jack dancing with a curly headed girl. He seemed to engrossed in the brunette to notice you. Looking around for the last of the band. Zach was across the kitchen handing a blonde a drink. Talking to her. Daniel came back with your drink. You downed it before dragging Daniel to the dance floor.

The night went on. You danced the most with Daniel. Grinding or just moving to the music in general. He left you an hour ago.

Mingling with a few other people. You continued dancing with a few girls. Currently you were warding a boy off from the girl you saw jack dancing with hours prior. The boy walked away. You grabbed her hand leading her to the dance floor.

Jumping around with the girl. Learning her name was Gabby and her a Jack had just gotten together. Jack walked over to you guys.

Before focusing on jack. The alcohol that was coursing through you thought you heard him wrong. Hes usually the driver. Giving the fans and friends the impression that he was just to innocent for it. They both are wasted in the kitchen. I think they are still downing drinks. Tates getting Jonah upstairs before I end the party so I suggest you do the same. The kitchen was crowded but you could spot Daniel easily. The party is ending and I want to get you to sleep.

Putting his hands on your waist. Rubbing slightly. With the way he looked right now you would have let him. He has red cheeks and his shirt seemed to be buttoned less than it was at the begining of the party.

He nodded at you. He still looked absolutely dazed. Daniel was getting grabby. His hands on your butt. Pulling you closer to him. His hair was messy and he looked like he was thinking it over. Smiling to show the gap between his teeth. You laughed.

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Locking your pinky with his. Pulling him upstairs was a challege. He kept his hands on your butt. Squeezing it. You swatted his hands away every time. He just laughed and did it again.

God just came down to give you to me. You are very sweet. Pushing him inside. He stumbled unable to walk in a straight line. He put his hands out trying to steady him self.

Once he did he giggled to himself. He then proceded to jump on the bed. His back hitting the soft mattress. Knowing he was going to complain about having to many clothes one in the morning. You walked over to him.

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